Pourgholaminejad Iranian master has obtained Chinese Wushu Association Duan 8 as a first non-Chinese

7 - 11 - 2014, 17 : 54

 According to Prof. Kang Gewu, person in charge of  CWA Duan System, that Mr. Mohammad Reza Pourgholaminejad has obtained CWA Duan 8 and is the first Dua 8 holder who is a non-Chinese descendant overseas

Pourgholaminejad who is the General Secretary of West Asia Wushu federation could obtained CWA Duan 8 as fist non-Chinese . He received his Duan after different practical exams.

Chinese Wushu Association sent a congratulation note to Iran Wushu federation and clarify this is firs time in the Wushu history a non-Chinese person could obtained such achievement.

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