Ojaghi: Wushu training improving national football team players performance abilities and fighting spirit

Hossein Ojaghi ,Iran National Wushu Head Coach after joining Iran National Football team as new coach emphasized: Our aim to teach Wushu to national football players is the fighting spirit, consideration, self-confidence and quick decision making of them improve.

He continues; after invitation from Carlos Queiroz, Iran national football team manager, we arranged a meeting and he described his goals regarding our cooperation. Queiroz is very well-known coach and he has experience of using martial arts coaches in Portugal national, Spanish club Real Madrid, and at English club Manchester United.

Ojaghi said: Since two weeks ago, I’m participating in Iran National football team training session, and trying to implement our objectives.

In reply to question till when you will cooperate with Iran Football team, he said: Carlos Queiroz wants I stay with them till their last day training in Iran before 2018 FIFA World Cup which will take place in Russia.

He also regarding national football players’ feedback regarding his Wushu training said; till today their cooperation was very high, and they are satisfied with my training methods.