3rd West Asia Wushu championships (08.02.2015-11.02.2015)

Iranian athletes won 19 colorful medals in total in Taolu and Sanda in the third West Asia Wushu championships.

Third West Asia Wushu championships with the presence of 83 athletes from Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Lebanon started from Monday 9th February morning in the hall of Imam Ali in city of  Zahedan had concluded by Tuesday 10th afternoon by specify of all winners.

Sistan and Baluchistan team was the representative of Iran in this tournament, and by winning 13 gold medals, 4 silver and two bronze medals won the championship title.

Uzbekistan, with two gold, two silver and two bronze became second and Afghanistan with one gold, 7 silver and 5 bronze standing on the third place.

Lebanon with one gold, one silver and two bronze medals ranked fourth. Pakistan with one gold, one silver and one bronze was fifth.

Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Yemen, Iraq and Syria are ranking from sixth to tenth in these championships.


By medalists Iran are as follows:


Tahir Ghasemi (3 gold), Reza Khalafzadeh (2 gold), Ali Vatankhah, Amir Mohammadrezayi, Mehrdad Joshan Pasand, Mohammad Rigi, Daniel Rigi, Akbar Saravani, Morteza Azimi and Ashkan Delfani


Amir Mohammad Rezayi (2 silver), Reza Khalafzadeh and Ali Vatankhah


 Jacob Ghadrshenas and Naser Shahraki