Dr. Mahdi Alinejad: Iran is World Wushu role model

Dr. Mahdi Alinejad: Iran is World Wushu role model

Dr. Mahdi Alinejad president of Iran and west Asia Wushu federation and vice president of Asia Wushu Federation and member of IWUF Executive Board, during his press conference emphasized: “Iran is World Wushu role model”. This press conference has been organized after passing a successful year for Iran Wushu.

Alinejad said: “2013 was the busiest year for Iran Wushu; we have participated in five important international events only in last 4 months”.

He adds:” World Games in Colombia was the first one, which we our four athletes could win 4 gold medals. 7th Asia Junior Wushu Championships was the second event of us, which we could achieve a great success too. We ranked 3rd in final table and 2nd in Sanda event.”

Alinejad continues: “Islamic Solidarity Games was third event which Iran Wushu has participated, we won six gold medals, and only with our medals Iran sport caravan could place second in final medals ranking for first time.”

“Combat Games in St- Petersburg was the fourth event for us, we won 3 gold medals. Wushu medals in terms of quality and quantity were equal to other eight Iran martial sports teams. With our medals Iran caravan ranked fourth in final medal ranking.”

Alinejad also gave full report about 12th world Wushu championships in Malaysia. He said: “we won 6 gold medals, and only in Sanda we received one less medal comparing to China, which means we are getting closer to China. This edition also we could repeat our vise champion again after China, which is a huge success for us. Our women Sanda team by wining 3 gold medals made a glory. Today Iran Wushu is role model for world. “


He also talked about all decisions which have been made during International Wushu Federation Executive board meeting and General congress. Alinejad adds: “this year IWUF EB and General Congress made important decisions including qualification procedure for Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, 5th World Junior Wushu Championships, using shin guard in Sanda competitions, weighting Sanda athletes every day during competitions, selecting Indonesia as host country for 13th World Wushu championship and Vietnam as new host for Wushu World Cup.”


 He mentioned reducing 3rd party interferences in national Wushu associations and made further amendments in IWUF constitutions were the most important decision which has been made during General Congress.


He also replied to a question about hosting world Wushu championships in Iran; “It is our great pleasure to host any international events, we made further suggestion to IWUF executive board to host 2016 world cup, and now we are waiting for their final remarks.”