Wushu for the Games 2020

“Wushu for the Games 2020” it’s a name of new campaign for Wushu to be included in Olympic Games 2020. This campaign is trying to introduce Wushu values to the world and show how Wushu fit to Olympic movement. Also, this campaign tries to introduce the sport to world and especially to young generation.

Today only after 5 days more than 80000 Wushu fans joined to this campaign in Facebook and social networks. They aim to show International Olympic Committee “IOC”, how much they are interested Wushu will be involved in 2020 Olympic Games.

Right now more than 20 countries are in the top list of Wushu fan base in campaign Facebook page, which Turkey, Iran, Malaysia, USA and Egypt are 5 top.

If you are interested to join this campaign, click here.

 The final session to elect Olympic 2020 sports is in Argentina on September 2013.