I hope Wushu will be included to Olympic Games; General Secretary of International Muay Thai federation said

Secretary General of International Muay Thai Federation during his meeting with president of West Asia Wushu Federation emphasized that he really hope Wushu will be included in 2020 Olympic Games. He said: “Wushu has good chance to join Olympic Games, and I really want this happen very soon, because if Wushu joins Olympic Games then all martial sport in world will benefit.”

Mr. Stephan Fox General Secretary of international Muay Thai federation has traveled to Iran to attend in International Muay Thai course. This course are hosting by Iran national Muay Thai association in Iran national Wushu Academy.

Mr. Stephan Fox during yesterday visit with Dr. Mahdi Alinejad president of Iran and West Asia Wushu federation, Member of IWUF executive board also mentioned: “I really well aware about Iran Wushu power in International world and as I have visited Iran national Wushu academy, Iran Wushu has great facilities and strategic plan to achieve its goal. And, you can really host important and big events too.”

He also said Combat Games 2013  is a great opportunity for Wushu and Muay Thai to show their capacities, and also for both international federations to have close collaboration. He also mentioned: “personally have a close relation with president Yu.”

Dr. Alinejad with confirming Mr. Fox speech also adds IWUF Executive board likes to have more cooperation with IFMA. He said: “ attending of Wushu in most important sport event of the word may also help other martial sports to reach unity and have chance to be involve in Olympic Games in future.”

Mr. Fox has accompanied with Mr. Nasiri head of Iran national Muay Thai association and national head coach of Iran Muay Thai team during his visit with president of West Asia Wushu Federation.