Jet Li to Attend 13th World Wushu Championships in Jakarta

Wushu's most famous athlete-turned-movie-star Jet Li will make a special guest appearance at the 13th World Wushu Championships in Jakarta at the opening ceremony. He will also award one of the championship medals during the event, and sign autographs for his fans.

Jet Li remains one of wushu's all-time greatest athletes. He became a seminal member of the Beijing Wushu Team and, starting at age 11, was five-time national champion of China during his competitive career.  Subsequently, he traveled to dozens of countries with the Beijing Wushu Team and in 1974 went to the U.S.A. where he performed wushu on the White House lawn for President Richard Nixon. Retiring from wushu sport while still a teenager, he went on to make his film debut in the movie Shaolin Temple in 1983. Soon he became one of Hong Kong's most famous film stars, acting in dozens of movies including Once Upon a Time in China and The Tai Chi Master. He came to Hollywood soon after, appearing in Lethal Weapon 4 and The Mummy. Jet Li is also remembered for his role in Zhang Yimou's film Hero.

Along with fellow megastars Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, Jet Li has popularized wushu around the world and devoted his life to helping promote the sport. His Jet Li One Foundation works in partnership with the Red Cross Society of China, and has provided for disaster relief to the Chinese people. Jet Li has been IWUF's Wushu Ambassador since 2008. He's also found fighting for good in the multi-player video game Age of Wushu.

Don't miss seeing Jet Li live in person in Jakarta as he helps kick off and celebrate the 13th World Wushu Championships!